Autism support for parents and care givers by Cheryl Kennedy

Autism support for parents and care givers

Autism support for parents and care givers

What you will discover in this course

You have just been told that your child has autism. What now?
 After months of fear and worry, you now know the main reason for the difficulties that your child faces. Yet you still don't understand why they behave in certain ways.
 You have been discharged from the hospital or CAMHS with a folder full of leaflets. If you are lucky you may even have had an invitation to attend an autism training course.
 Great but what if you can't get to the class due to work commitments? Or the most common reason for not attending -
 it's not that easy to get a babysitter and just pop out
 The implications of leaving your child with another adult can be massive and just not worth the stress it causes the child.
 You desperately want answers to all your questions:
 ❓ What is autism?
 ❓ Why won’t my child wear particular clothes?
 ❓ Why do they have to watch TV laying upside down?
 ❓ How can I help my child to communicate?
 ❓ Where do I start explaining autism to friends and family?
 ❓ How can we manage unwanted behaviours?
 ❓ Where is the local support
 ❓ What types of funding is there to support us as a family?
 ❓ How can I help my child get the most from school?
 These were all the questions that buzzed around my head in the days after receiving an autism diagnosis for my children.
 I started my autism journey 10 years ago.  I was working within a specialist nursery for children with autism. It was during this time that I started to question that maybe the difficulties that my own children had could be autism.
I will never forget that day. After years of fighting for answers to the question “why do my children seem to struggle so much in this world?”.
 I was given the answer "Autism". 
 With that, I was handed a blue folder full of leaflets and sent on my way never to be seen again. It was a bittersweet moment.
 I had received the answer that I always knew deep down but now had a thousand more unanswered questions. As a parent, I then spent the next 5 years searching for the answers to my questions.
 Fast forward 10 years.
 I am now an Autism Consultant. I provide support to parents and schools to help children with autism be the best version of themselves.
 I believe that being a parent of children with autism gives me a massive advantage. I am a person who not only understands the textbook talk about autism, I honestly ‘get it.'
 I have sat and watched my child so distressed and been unable to hug them as this would make things worse. I have wanted the world to swallow me up as my child says inappropriate things to strangers.
 I have had to fight against the odds to keep a relationship together.
This was all the inspiration behind the Post ASD Diagnosis course. I wanted to save other parents’ years of searching through bad or dangerous advice online. There are so many things that I had learned over the years that I wish I had known when my children were younger.
 This online course is a valuable investment for your family. It is jam-packed with almost three hours of content, spread over 27 lessons that you can dip in and out of in any order you like.
 You will find sound advice and tried and tested tips that have made a difference to my family. It also shows how you can save £100's of pounds, did you know you can access a reduced water rate, claim free cinema tickets as well as get funding towards any therapy that your child may need plus loads more.
 As a special bonus, it includes FREE access to our exclusive, subscription-based VIP Facebook group (usually £10/month). This group gives regular access to me without the additional consultation fees.
 So don't spend any more long nights trying to Google the answers to all your questions. Sign up for this course today and get the support that you and your family deserve. 


Cheryl has shown me strategies for tailoring resources and the classroom environment to be more ASD friendly and has helped me adapt planning and provide tailored interventions. She remains positive whatever the situation and I have greatly benefitted from working with her.
Ali Potter
Her ideas change the way you think and work. Keep it up Cheryl it really works!
Anita Bancroft

What's included?

Video Icon 24 videos File Icon 8 files Text Icon 2 text files


Welcome introduction
2 mins
VIP Facebook group
VIP Facebook group Access
Introduction to Autism
Introduction to autism
2 mins
Whats in a name
2 mins
Pathological Demand Avoidance
1 min
Support for a child with PDA
2 mins
An overview of autism
3 mins
Sensory Overload
2 mins
What is a sensory process?
5 mins
An Autism diagnosis now what?
Accepting change
4 mins
6 mins
Create with Canva walk through
8 mins
Visual timetable symbols
403 KB
Visual timetable home 1.pdf
161 KB
Visual timetable home 2.pdf
137 KB
Visual timetable home 3.pdf
117 KB
Now & Next board
7.72 KB
Social Story writting
10 mins
Regulation of behaviour
10 mins
ABC Behaviour Chart
64.1 KB
Zones of Regulation
10 mins
Printable Zones poster
625 KB
Tricky behaviour
9 mins
Tips for transitions
2 mins
Where to find practical local suport
6 mins
Get access to funding
11 mins
School support
SEN Rights
6 mins
Meeting with the school
3 mins
EHCP Process
6 mins
Your welbeing
4 mins
Looking after your self
4 mins
60minutes you time printable activities
2.08 MB
Recommended reading
4 mins


How long do I have to complete this courses?

You can take your time with this course, start and finish when ever you like. We can't promise a life time of access but you will definitely have a year at the very least.  If for what ever reason after that year we need to remove the course you will be given plenty of warning. 

Will this course help to diagnose my child with Autism?

No, I am afraid not. This course is designed to give you advice and support after an official diagnosis has been given. 

My child is not yet diagnosed with Autism can I take the course?

Yes you can but some of the information can only be acted upon once you have an official ASD diagnosis for your child. There is no information within this course about how to get an Autism diagnosis. 

What if I am not happy with the course?

I am happy to offer you a 30 day money back grantee. All I ask is that  you give all the advice within this course a try and if you still do not find any value in the content of this course or within the Private VIP Facebook group I will refund you. 
Please do just get in touch as I want to provide support and value. 

Helping square pegs fit into round holes by cherishing and valuing the square pegs whilst expanding the round holes until they fit.

My name is Cheryl Kennedy and I am the lead consultant of AIW Consultancy.  
I have vast experience of using a variety of interventions to help get the best results based on the individuals needs of the child such asTEACCH, TACPAC and PECS I have also completed the advance SCERTS® training and am able to offer comprehensive SCERTS® assessments. 

Three of my own four children have been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum, this gives me the  added experience of total understanding of living alongside autism.  I have cried those same tears of frustration and cried those tears of joy when small steps towards progress is made. I totally GET IT.

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